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            Deputy Young Case Review Field Trip

We are excited as a board to present a field trip into the beautiful red rock back country for a case review of Deputy Brody Young's officer involved shooting in 2011.  This trip will consist of a jeep caravan into the back country to stop at key points in the investigation.  It is also an opportunity to take in some of the sights associated with beautiful Moab.  Some of those sights include areas where famous movies have been filmed and scenic locations such as dead horse point.  We will be taking a lunch on the ride and utilizing rental jeeps for the trek.  That is why the conference fee was increased from $175.00  to $225.00 for active members and from $90.00 to 115.00 for retired members.  We also added a spouse/guest fee for anyone who would like to attend the training for $50.00.  There will be a more detailed description of the event forthcoming. 



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