FBI National Academy Associates


About Us


The FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. (FBI NAA) is a non-profit, international organization of nearly 18,000 senior law enforcement professionals dedicated to providing our communities, states, countries, and profession with the highest degree of law enforcement expertise, training, education and information. We are the strongest law enforcement leadership network in the world and are dedicated to strengthening the rule of law around the globe. Some of our members have given their lives in carrying out these responsibilities.

From its inception in 1935, the FBI National Academy has long been a vital element in the continuing improvement of law enforcement standards, knowledge, and cooperation throughout the world. The National Academy and the FBI National Academy Associates provide a wide range of leadership and specialized training, as well as an opportunity for professional law enforcement officials to share ideas, techniques, and experiences. President John F Kennedy realized the value in sharing this learning and networking experience with the international community. In 1964 the FBI National Academy began including international law enforcement executives as attendees.

Membership in the Association is limited only to those law enforcement leaders who have completed the FBI’s prestigious National Academy Program. The Association is comprised of forty-four domestic chapters and four international chapters, the Association’s Executive Board, and the Executive Office. The Association’s Executive Office is located at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The Association is a non-governmental organization incorporated in Virginia and is not a part of the FBI. The Association is funded primarily by membership dues but does receive support from select corporate partners, academic and strategic alliances.

To continue the opportunity for graduates to receive training and networking opportunities following graduation, the Association sponsors major training and development conferences each year, both domestically and internationally.

The Association is firmly guided by its historic values and faithfulness to its values, vision and mission.


  • Expertise, Courage and Integrity.
  • Hold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.
  • Uphold and defend the constitution and laws of our respective communities.
  • Pledge to protect the safety of the people and communities we serve, and the world at large.
  • Provide the latest, and highest level of professional training
  • Make available our expertise and experience to those who can benefit.


The FBI National Academy Associates is recognized globally among government leaders, law enforcement agencies and our communities, as the premier provider of law enforcement expertise, training, education and information. We are the chosen resource on law enforcement issues and the standard by which all other law enforcement agencies measure their performance. Our hallmarks are our leadership, teamwork and the courage of our members, and our ability to anticipate and effectively respond to global and community law enforcement needs, ensuring the safety of the citizens we serve.


To provide the membership of the FBI NAA, Inc. with opportunities for continuing education, training, professional development, peer networking, and research in law enforcement disciplines, which will promote improved leadership, cooperation, services, efficiencies and higher standards of professional conduct in all levels of law enforcement throughout the world.


The Association’s forty-eight Chapters, forty-four domestic and four international, are the heart and soul of the FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. It is at the chapter-level where our members and their families are professionally, socially, and personally linked to each other and their regions law enforcement leadership network. Each Chapter’s leadership is comprised of officers and a Board. Chapter Officers generally include a President, Vice-Presidents, a Secretary/Treasurer, and additional officers. Chapter officers serve in these leadership positions as volunteers, giving significant amounts of their personal time throughout the year to the Chapter and Association’s business. Our Chapters host various training and social events during the year and provide awards, recognition and benefits to their members.


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