FBI National Academy Associates


UTAH FBINA selection criteria 

·Candidate must be nominated in writing by his or her current Chief, Sheriff or Agency Head. Nomination must be filed with the SLC FBI Division office FBINA coordinator.

· The Candidate must be in the position of middle management or above in his or her agency (not a first line supervisor). 

·The Candidate must be able to pass the physical and weight requirements of the FBINA at the time of application and must maintain that standard through the process.

·The applicant must have the support of his or her agency and be ready to go to the FBINA as determined by the available schedule (failure to follow this schedule for any reason incures a penalty to the candidate, the candidates agency, the Utah FBINAA Chapter and the SLC Division of the FBI). This suppport will be required in writing from the candidates supervisor or supervisory entity prior to acceptance of an open slot.

· Candidates will not be considered for FBINA attendance until they have had a valid application on file with the Utah FBINAA Board and the SLC FBI Division Office for the period of one year. 

· Candidates must meet all FBINA requirements for admission to the program. 

· Candidates agree to stay in active Law Enforcement employment for three years after FBINA graduation. 

· Candidates are asked to agree to become an active member of the FBINAA Chapter after graduation and contribute to the FBINAA program in Utah. 

Other Criteria- 

· The selection of a candidates is also made based on region of the state the candidate is from, size of the department (so a balance of small and large agencies are represented), past participation of the candidates agency in FBINAA Utah Chapter activities, the reasons the person would like to become a member of the FBINAA, the candidates knowledge of the FBINAA and the contribution the candidate will make to the professional law enforcement community of Utah. 


Applying for the FBI National Academy is a multi-step process.


  • Fill out the Online Application on the FBI Virtual Academy Website.
  • This requires the applicant to register in the system and be verified.
  • The applicant then fills out the application on the FBI Virtual Academy website.
  • Submit the completed application online which puts your name in the database.
  • Print, sign, attach photo and nomination form signed by your agency head Chief/Sheriff/Commissioner
  • The Chief/Sheriff of your agency needs to submit your name to the Board of the Utah FBINAA via Melissa Adams
  • The completed and signed application needs to be submitted to Melissa in hard copy.
  • Melissa checks the application to assure that it is completed and maintains it on file at the local FBI office
  • You will be interviewed by the Board.
  • The Board interviews for attendance to the FBI National Academy sessions 12 to 18 months in advance.



melinda.nakai@ic.fbi.gov or (801) 579-6014


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